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Heavy Handspun Merino and Yak Blanket

Inspired by the home-made blankets throughout the mountains, the Heavy Handspun Merino and Yak Blanket is a beautiful, soft and authentic product of the Himalaya. It takes three months to prepare sufficient handspun yak wool to produce each blanket, each carefully woven and coloured in tones that will make an impression in any home. Made larger than our regular blanket size to accomodate king size beds, these blankets are perfect for being snug on your sofa, garden chairs on a spring evening, or to add extra warmth and comfort in the bedroom.

  • Contrasting colours
  • Short end fringes
  • Size: 150 x 200cm (59 x 79in)
  • Composition: 50% Handspun Baby Yak & 50% Merino Wool
  • Made by Hand in Nepal
Forest Green and Charcoal
Orchid Pink and Charcoal
Dark Aigua and Charcoal
Riverside blue and Charcoal
  • The ‘Mirror in the Sky’ lets us see where we are, or where we belong in life. Seeing our reflection, we begin to realise how we can enhance the life of others and the world around us.
  • This mandala symbolises pureness of body, speech, mind, wisdom and great happiness. Dedicated to peace and harmony, we share this amulet with you as part of our philosophy.
  • This product is made from hand-spun yarn. Hand-spinning is the most delicate method of expressing the natural elegance and wondrous hand-feel of the finest quality yak and cashmere fibres.