Craftsmanship reflects cultural heritage which is the pride of our weavers. Through their careful and precise weaving, our garments are the combination of different stories, traditions, beliefs and patience.


Weaving respectfully


The world’s finest cashmere comes from one the harshest environments in the high Himalaya. This is the region where Mirror in the Sky works with nomadic herders and gathers the cashmere fibres carefully combed from baby yaks during the spring moulting season. The combing process is gentle and can take up to two weeks. With this procedure we do our utmost to minimise the environmental impact and ensure no harm is done to the animals.

Inspired by nature


Nature has equipped the yaks and hircus goats in the Himalayan and Mongolian Plateaus with a down-like fleece to survive in this harsh environment. The softest and finest fibres create a natural thermal blanket next to their skin. As they grow it back on a regular basis, they kindly share their valuable hair with Mirror in the Sky to spin exquisite cashmere.