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Wanaka Cashmere Throw

The Wanaka Cashmere Throw is made from pure cashmere in a open basket weave to emphasise the natural softness and suppleness of the yarn. Then hand-massaged to make it unbelievably warm and snug, perfect for curling up on the sofa or for a cold winter's walk. An incredibly versatile product that can be worn around town in endless stylish combinations over shoulders and around your body, and of course, for the home.

  • Selvedged edges on long sides
  • Pompom tassles on ends
  • Size: 140 x 180cm (55 x 71in) plus pompoms
  • Composition: 100% Pure Cashmere
  • Made in Nepal by Hand
Dark Grey-Teal
Honey Brown
Dark Peacock
Dried Herb
Forest Green
Golden Poppy
Neutral Grey
Spicy Mustard
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Home & Living
  • The ‘Mirror in the Sky’ lets us see where we are, or where we belong in life. Seeing our reflection, we begin to realise how we can enhance the life of others and the world around us.
  • This mandala symbolises pureness of body, speech, mind, wisdom and great happiness. Dedicated to peace and harmony, we share this amulet with you as part of our philosophy.