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Tibetan Handspun Cashmere Blanket

There are still nomads in the high pastures of Tibet, they breed yaks and cashmere goats, mostly for trade with Nepal and among themselves. After many years, we have developed a deep friendship with them and are able to buy both their baby yak fiber and pure cashmere. The Tibetan Handspun Cashmere Blanket is made from super-delicate fibers that have been spun by hand in Nepal to make the softest, most luxurious yarn we have ever felt. Woven on traditional wooden handlooms, the result is a product that you will treasure for years, an heirloom piece that lifts any home.

  • Long twisted fringes on ends
  • Closed edges on long sides
  • Size: 90 x 200cm (35 x 78in) and 120 x 240cm (47 x 94in)
  • Composition: 100% Pure Tibetan Handspun Cashmere
  • Made by Hand in Nepal
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Home & Living
  • The ‘Mirror in the Sky’ lets us see where we are, or where we belong in life. Seeing our reflection, we begin to realise how we can enhance the life of others and the world around us.
  • This mandala symbolises pureness of body, speech, mind, wisdom and great happiness. Dedicated to peace and harmony, we share this amulet with you as part of our philosophy.
  • This product is made from hand-spun yarn. Hand-spinning is the most delicate method of expressing the natural elegance and wondrous hand-feel of the finest quality yak and cashmere fibres.