Amazing quality begins with sourcing the very best cashmere and baby yak fibres, each carefully combed during the spring molting season. The animals are not harmed in any way and we are proud to work with farmers who minimise their environmental impact.

Hircus goats live at altitude or in extreme cold environments in the Himalayan and Mongolian Plateau.  To survive the hostile winter weather, they grow a down-like fleece of the softest and finest fibres as thin as 14.5 microns thick.  These fleece fibres create a soft thermal blanket next to the goat’s skin, which naturally molts in spring. This is the exquisite cashmere of Mirror in the Sky.

Handcrafted Excellence

The Kathmandu Valley welcomed its first Kashmiri master weavers from India over four hundred years ago. Today, there are few places in the world where hand-weaving skills are so valued that they are passed down through generations.

You can feel the difference, hand-spinning and hand-weaving yarns is the most delicate method of expressing the natural elegance and wondrous texture of the finest quality cashmere. This sensitive interaction of hand and yarn enhances each production step. Throughout the manufacturing process we use Himalayan spring water, it’s softness and minerals add to the natural suppleness of the yarn.


Just as in nature, slight variations occur from one product to the next. Each becomes a unique expression of those who contributed to its production. We truly value the skill and dedication of the weavers in Nepal, every one of our products is a celebration of their traditions.

Colour, of paramount importance, communicates with the world and just like the sky-mirror, colour expresses our essence and reflects who we are and what we value in life. Colour brings us together in a variety of moods, it is the bridge between nature and personal style. Hand-felting and individual finishing enhance all elements resulting in natural perfection.