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October 02, 2015

Ignasi Miralbell Riera is native to Barcelona, a city that inspires and motivates him to paint abstract forms in a kaleidoscope of colours.

When did you start painting with an iPad?
"Years ago, just like many other things in life that happen by chance, my family gave me an iPad. While exploring its applications, I realized the possibilities to express myself through colour and design. I started experimenting with formats, enlargements and reductions in various combinations. My ideas multiplied and expanded into other fields such as decoration, fabric design and various materials. Throughout, for me, the most important thing has been to play with the variety and richness of colour."

What's your inspiration? Do you have a favorite artist and/or reference?
"All the artists that express themselves with colour in their work are my inspiration. Of course, the Fauvists and impressionists and I think that first among them, Matisse, is incomparable. I love architecture, modernism and, above all, Gaudí. He doesn't stop surprising me every day."

Ignasi Miralbell Riera, inspiring artist of the cashmere scarf Planets by Mirror in the Sky

Your works are abstract and colorful. Where have you acquired such identity and daring?
"I could not say it. It is difficult to explain the instinct to create a work. For me it is an uncontrollable impulse to enjoy a strong and beautiful emotion. Observing nature, art, music, the ethic of life, humanity is a very rewarding experience, however, it is even better when you raise them to a higher level and express them in art. I seek those moments. The fear? All of us have fear, it is better not to think too much and let the impulse of intuition guide you."

Which are your favorite topics?
"The city where I live, Barcelona, ​​my city, is a constant source of inspiration. It is extraordinary, the richness and luminosity of each and every one of its corners. Obviously its modernist elements, but also the Ciutat Vella and the most modern areas of the city. I also enjoy the surrounding countryside. The proximity of nature awakens in me the impulse to grab brushes, colours and explore diverse forms."

It has been a pleasure to have Ignasi with us in the process of creating the new winter 2015 collection of our cashmere scarves. Expect to see more of his worok in the future!

See 'Planets', the cashmere scarf by Ignasi Miralbell Reira.