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September 24, 2015

With the launch of our new fall-winter cashmere scarves collection, we asked Mirror in the Sky's Design Director what has inspired her for this winter's collection. Rosaura Marisnhach, explains the clues and secrets of the new collection

What has inspired your designs this winter season?

I began with textures, tapestries and rugs, mosaic tables and floors that I've always loved in Barcelona. Not just Modernisme, but the baroque and oriental styles that are common in old parts of the city. I also wanted to include some romantic songs that reflect my feelings surrounding the end of summer plus a little nostalgia and love. I added natural themes and warm tones from nature, especially the earth tones of autumn when the colour of the sea changes and the leaves fall.

How do you explain the differences between the collections?

- Signature Designs:For me, these are all inspiring designs... I love to let my imagination fly. This season we have worked with a guest artist, Ignasi Miralbell Riera, whose use of colour is wonderful... his boldness has helped me feel more assertive throughout the range. The designs blend so many emotions and my love for colour ... I hope our customers wear them realise there is a story behind each one. 

- Forever:These are colours and styles that are ageless... a classic styling for everyone, anytime but not restrictive to being formal. They are an eternal style that can remain in your wardrobe for years and always look good.

- Anywhere: Is a little boho-hippy, casual yet elegant, soft, designs that surround you, enwrap you and immerse you in cashmere... they're wonderful to wear!
- Elements: These designs are a bit more fashion orientated, perhaps for special occasions of for the outfit you want to experiment with... it has some of my favourite products as you can really express your individuality with these products.
- The One: I love men who have strength and character ... who are different in their own way, individuals, discerning and have their own sense of elegance... they are not vain, but self-aware and enjoy wearing the best natural fibres.

Where do you find inspiration?

It's not where but when. My inspiration comes by surprise, in the mountains, at the beach, while in town ... I never know when ideas are going to come... it's not something I try to force, but to work with and explore when it happens. I love working in a co-working design environment where ideas fly around and creativity flourishes. I feel really alive at those moments.

Do you have a favourite product?

Yes, one of the Signature Designs, The Four Seasons. I've always loved Vivaldi and I really wanted to re-interpret something I adore in the fabric I love most of all... pure superfine cashmere.


From all of us at Mirror in the Sky, we hope you enjoy the new fall-winter cashmere scarves collection as much as we have creating it!